The congregation of St. George Old Roman Catholic Church celebrates its life in Christ through
Catholic sacramental worship and prayer. It is a traditional church using the historic Tridentine
liturgy in Latin or the vernacular of the nation. It is a power house of prayer, faith, joy, and
spirituality; it is a place of encouragement and wholeness. It is a parish dedicated to St. George the
Martyr and a place where you will meet Jesus in confidence and happiness.

It is the intent of this parish to preserve, promote and foster a love and devotion to the traditional
liturgy of the Catholic Church as promulgated by the Council of Trent, both in its original Latin
and through its approved English translations. Thus St. George's Church continues to serve as a
valid Catholic church in liturgy and apostolic orders having been recognized as such by the Holy
See as a “true particular church”. Such recognition is found in the document Dominus Jesus
issued in August 6, 2000 by  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger , later known as Pope Benedict XVI, of the
Roman Catholic Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The Archdiocese of California continues to seek reunion with Rome. 'We do not seek unity with
the Holy See because the local church is beautiful, not by our own experiences, but because it is

We have followed with great interest those historic efforts by members of the Anglican
Communion in their seeking full sacramental communion with the Roman Catholic Church. That
is because we also believe that to be Catholic is to be authentically ecumenical and to hunger for
the full communion of the One Church of Jesus Christ, with legitimate diversity, in full
communion with the Chair of Peter.

                                                 Mission Statement

In support of this mission, St. George Church strives to:

      · Continue in our quest for Sacramental Communion with the Holy See;

               ·      Worship God with devotion and celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass;
· Foster continued spiritual development and growth;
· Provide a challenging and quality-filled Catholic educational program;
· Listen and respond to the needs of the parish community;
· Nurture, support, and strengthen the family;
      · Reach out with love and compassion to serve those in need.

Welcome to the website of Saint George Old Roman Catholic Church.
St George is a mission parish of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church, Archdiocese of California.  We thank you for taking the time to find out more about our community and hope you will find the website both interesting and informative.

The Old Roman Catholic Church is one of the many denominations in the world  and we are also most certainty one of the oldest!

The Old Roman Catholic Church, while affirming its historic continuity with the Undivided Apostolic Church and possessing Holy Orders intact therefrom, traces its direct Apostolic Succession from the autonomous  Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Utrecht in Holland.
It continues today as a separate Roman Catholic Church jurisdiction being recognized by Rome as such possessing a valid Eucharist and verifiable Apostolic linage.
A Mission parish of The North American Old Roman Catholic Church
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